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It's not for who you work, but how your work. We work with passion for love  & exclusive love stories for your wedding day. Your happiness & ideas are our priority, perfection on a wedding day is our goal. Our work is to make your wedding planning easier, happier and stressless from the day you started to think on your wedding day. Together we create a wedding that will be special and exclusive from the very beginning. We don't like copies and we always love to show & make new better stories. We look to more unique & personal stories that will stay forever.


Luka & Ben

Luka Mirjan Simšič

Cofounders & Wedding Planner

Luka is a home of creativity and ideas. The finish design, set up and final decoration are my job when prepairing your wedding. I have a strong feeling and sense of what is beautiful and the idea of beauty wedding set up, that is why I am in charge of this part of the wedding. To round up and for exquisite feeling of the bride and groom my final touch is with my wedding make up for our brides.

Benjamin Bastien Kračun

Cofounders & Wedding Planner

There is always an attraction of oposite sites. This is how it also works for us. So thats why the second part of the wedding planing and wedding day is on my site. Protocols, taking care for the guests and all other time and place issues are on my site. I am in charge the we are on the right place at right time. My work has to be done precise but not pushy and unnoticed.

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  • Janette & Aljaž

    We loved everything about our wedding in Slovenia and that's because Luka and Ben are the BEST in the business! They made our day perfect and truly went above and beyond our expectations! I highly recommend using them for your event. They will give it all of their heart, soul, and expertise! We absolutely love Luka and Ben!
  • Aida and Dragan

    They performed professional in the highest level possible. Their energy, positivity and creativity all make our most important day truly unforgettable. In my dreams I could not have imagined that the wedding will be better than a fairy tale. This day was entirely without stress and everything was just as it should be- It was like every bridal couple wishes and this can be accheved with Luka and Ben. We are happy that we chose them for our wedding fairy tale because it was so much more it made new friendship. What more beautiful can you ever want on your wedding day?