Why to work with a wedding planner for your wedding day?

Always a question and always a doubt. For all those couples who wish to have more from their wedding day and to have fun while planning your wedding day. No doubt it saves your time and energy. And much more then we can say in one word. 5 biggest reasons

1 – stressless; stress out of the equation!

2 – you are to busy to handle the planning, family, and work?!

3 – you have a wedding in a location that is not in your place; destination wedding

4- helps you to rent your vendors and find those professionals who will help you to build your day in the way you wish to have it

or you simply just don’t feel like doing it for yourself, you rather enjoy it than make it. You said yes to at least 3 of 5 questions, then you rent a professional consultant.

How to pay, is the rent for a wedding planner to high? Is it too much? Why it’s so expensive, can you even call it expensive?

Wedding planners around the globe charge at least 15% or more of your total budget. There is a difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator.

Planner is a person who follows you from the very start of your wedding planning while the coordinator joins you only for a wedding day. That is why there is a price difference which of course is the bigger one. 

To sum up – the time spent planning, phone calls, emails sent and done until the wedding day and then the whole wedding day and a day after, is it really too high?

Some consultants have higher fees but, they do not take % from their vendors, some charge less but they take % from the vendors. In the end,   you will pay much more than taking your first choice.

“I can plan my B-day party, so I can plan my wedding!”

Wrong. It is not the same, many people ask us for advice just to have an idea for the start but they stop replying to emails.

It is not that simple and this is why a wedding planner has become an occupation around the globe. As every other job. It is just a little bit more stressful while you are in charge of somebody’s happiness.

It’s not an easy job but when you are working with your heart and dedication you just do it.

Is the wedding planner person who should lower the prices for you with the musicians, photographers etc…?

Not true, every person should be paid the amount they ask for, your hire this person for their quality and added value they give to you while working for you. If it is too expensive, you choose another one.

The way we start?

The first meeting is free of charge and we reserve one hour of time for you to explain how we work and how we can handle your day.

After the first get-to-know meeting we will charge per hour if you do not decide to work with us, but are still asking us questions that require answers with final solutions. For example, we send you a few of locations etc….

And finally, there is always an option – we all have our own view to life & situations. There might be someone better than us, but this is the way we do it. The way we play.